There are certain outfits that are appropriate for any and all occasions. The individuals that wear them always look well put together no matter what. The look is simple, fresh and stylish.  There is no way you can go wrong wearing khakis, a polo shirt and boat shoes.

This Fashionisto is no exception. His basics style and outfit he wore has him well prepared for whatever the day has in store. He wore a light blue polo shirt, a color fit perfect for a summer day. Then he wore a pair of perfectly fit khakis with a pair of dark tan sneakers that complemented his bright outfit.  This look is the true classic preppy look and will never go out of style.

If you want to wear an outfit similar to this Fashionisto and one that will be great for any occasion, you can pick up any color polo shirt you want here at H&M. Then, you can pick up a pair of khakis from the same store. As for shoes, a boat shoe or a simple sneaker would do the job.

Hint: Try expanding this look to something even better! This simple look is easily accessible and would be even better if it were personalized. Today’s preppy looks have gone beyond their original lines. Those rocking the preppy style are among the best dressing people. These looks include different colored blazers, chinos, ties, bow ties and an array of different patterns and mix-matching. Add a little twist to your simple preppy look.


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