LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Winter Wonderland

It’s cold outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous. Rock a daring look this winter. Even though the temperature is below zero, the fashion world will applaud to you.

Today’s Fashionisto is working it in his leather jacket. The cool brown tone creates an edgy yet sophisticated look that complements his overall ensemble. Neutral colors bring light to those dark and chilly winter days.

Peacoats are another staple for winter wear. The black button-down jacket is a classic; it’s the style that is always be “in” every winter. Its tailored look can make any outfit go from drab to dapper and you cannot go wrong wearing this type of coat. Try spicing up this style by wearing a colored peacoat. Adding a drop of color to your outfit will contrast nicely with the winter snow and allow your clothes to stand out.

Wool coats are also in the mix this season. They embody the casual style of a cardigan and the warmth of a cozy sweater. However, wool coats are known for their sleek look. They will add to the texture of your outfit while complementing your figure.

The technical jacket is coming into the spotlight this winter as well. It’s a lightweight winter coat for those days when the weather is just right. Wearing a peacoat or wool coat would be too bulky to rock on these occasions, so a technical jacket is the perfect option. Technical jackets are also the best layering accessory. Wear a sweater with a button-down shirt underneath to enhance the layering affect.

Let’s take this jacket craze to the next level. Experiment with patterned jackets and different textured coats to add some flavor to your wardrobe. When your out and about, the only thing people will see is your jacket, so why not make it a fashionable one?

Hint: Feeling daring? Try a vest on for size. Even though it’s not a coat, a vest will give you the warmth you need and the style you want for this very cold time of year. A vest will also add a street style inspired element to your overall look.

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