TREND: Lets Go Emory!





Even as a D-3 school, Emory student have a lot of school pride! At Homecoming this week, student dressed up to support the school and have a great time. I caught this Fashionista sporting her Emory gear in a fun way. Her hoodie obviously screams Emory pride and is a perfectly paired with a cute and casual denim mini. My favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her adorable blue and gold scarf tied into a headband. I love the use of creative accessories to display school spirit. The great thing about displaying school spirit is that there are so many ways to do it. Grab an Emory shirt and cut off the sleeves to create a cute tank top that’s perfect for the (still) hot days that we’re experiencing here in Atlanta. For the Homecoming Ball that’s a little more formal than all the daytime events, you can wear a dress like this blue strapless dress with yellow flats. The great thing about showing school spirit is all it takes is some blue and gold and you’re good to go! School spirit isn’t just for Homecoming Week either- so go head an wear you’re Emory gear with pride anytime!

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