Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

Often, guys think that fashion is a girl's game. They are afraid that if they pay too close attention to fashion, they will lose their "manly-ness." However, when I spotted this Fashionisto, I thought to myself: now here's a man who appreciates fashion.

Head-to-toe, this Fashionisto oozed with style. His sunglasses were a little Gaga meets Kayne and really drew me in. Sporting a well-constructed blazer, this Fashionisto opted for a khaki take on a staple all guys must have in their closet. The splatter paint on his denim made me wonder if they came like that or had he perhaps be a painter or artist himself? His rugged boots topped off his ultra stylish look.

This week Fashionistos, don't be afraid to embrace fashion. If pastels and patterns aren't your thing, do as this Fashionisto did and be a man.

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