Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

One of my first memories of college was getting trapped in a rainstorm sans rubber boots (aka wellies). After that dreadful moment of going to class soaking wet, I decided owning a pair of rubber boots for college was mandatory.

With the increase in popularity of rubber boots (and notably the major obsession with Hunter brand’s wellies), there are now stylish alternatives to this somewhat awkward shoe.

Today's Fashionisto proved to be one smart dude while trampling puddles in the streets in his version of a rubber boot. Avoiding the unpredictability of spring weather, his shoe choice will surely be able to withstand whatever rainstorm or weather obstacle might come his way.

Don't be that kid sitting in class soaking wet because you thought wearing sneakers was cooler then a rubber boot. Take note from today's Fashionisto and get yourself a pair before you’re left out in the rain.

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