Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

I am a huge advocate of men wearing fur. I think with any trend there are always tasteful, masculiene ways to incorporate fashion forward things into your wardrobe. Some College Fashionistos are more daring and aren't afraid to push the limits on fashion, while others are bit a lazy (sorry guys) and turn towards anything baggy, comfortable and easy. If you are a guy reading CollegeFashionista chances are your willing to take fashion risks.

Whether it be incorporate fur lined items into your wardrobe like today's Fashionisto or wearing a bold print such as leopard. Anything goes for guys like you and I couldn't applaud you more. Today's Fashionisto is just one of those guys you pass on the street and immediately think "That is a cool looking dude". He looks confident, suave and full of mystery (love). He lets accessories rule his ensemble by wearing a bowler hat, loads of choker necklaces, a murse and a fur collar. Keeping his pants a basic ankle length and his shirt a casual green button-down, I think we can confidently say his outfit is fashion forward and unique because of the attention to details, aka his accessories. 

Hint: Imitating someone as polished as today's Fashionisto doesn't come easily. I would start by either bringing necklaces into your everyday wear or a hat. Trying to put all his elements together at once most likely will result in a big flop. Start with small additions and build from there!

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