Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

For most of you, spring semester has officially begun and lounging at home and having your mom do your laundry is long gone. Having those extra hours to sleep in doesn't exist and your alarm buzzing at 7:30 am doesn't make the situation any better. Getting back into the swing of things can be difficult and accepting that sweatpants are no longer "ok" can be a challenge.

Today's Fashioniso took notes from designers' spring 2011 runway shows by bringing the color black into spring wear. Personal favorites of mine such as Rag & Bone and Comme des Garçons turned towards a darker color palette this season, rather then the airy neutrals we commonly associate with springtime. While January is by no means spring, bringing out a couple of your spring pieces is a great way to beat the winter blues. After all, who can really wait to wear their holiday gifts?

The featured Fashionisto caught my attention with his felt brim hat and tortoise sunglasses. His textured sweater jacket is an essential piece that can be worn over a tank come the beautiful spring weather. Just like designers have painted a dark imagery in our head for spring, so has today's fella making dark tones look extremely lush.

Hint: Fashionistas, looking for the perfect hat for spring? Try this coal brigitte hat from Urban Outfitters that has a western but modern twist.

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