Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

With summer just around the corner and loads of pool parities, barbecues and sun tanning galore, the one thing you absolutely don't want to leave home without are your sunglasses. While we try to fight conformity, there is one pair of shades not worth fighting and that is Ray-Ban Wayfarers. This sunglass has stood the test of time and today's Fashionisto couldn't have looked anymore sleek in his pair.

it doesn't take much to master wearing the Wayfarers and they seem to be a shape that fits just about any face. But for those of you who absolutely refuse to wear the same pair of shades that every one of your friends is wearing, then find a frame that's best for you. 

Hint: The best part of sunglasses? They hide the bags under your eyes from late night partying and, being that it's summer, there is bound to be plenty of that. 

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