Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

Let's hear it for the boys who make fashion look easy, breezy and beautiful. Today's hunk took note from Michael Kors spring 2011 collection with his neutral hued ensemble. Daring to wear such a light color on the bottom, today's Fashionisto cinched his look together with a lime green statement belt. It's not just us ladies who want to look svelte- Fashionistos also do too.

Continuing on with this featured Fashionistos look, he clung to his old school denim jacket, which we have seen numerous times in the past. Not taking fashion too seriously, he opted for a light pink T-shirt to complete his look.

Light tan pants, lime green belt, pink shirt and denim jacket! I'd say it's evident why he landed himself on CollegeFashionista today.

Want to know the best perk of returning home for the summer? Shopping your own closet for pieces that you may not have remembered even existed. Like an old jacket that could make a retro comeback or a pastel T-shirt your ex made you buy. Whatever those old items might be, bring them back out. It beats breaking the bank and could turn into a rather fun (and fashionable) afternoon.

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