Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

Hello Capris! We almost forgot about how chic you look strutting your stuff on a Fashionisto. Thanks to today's gentleman for stepping outside the box with his metrosexual bottoms that have the ability to stir up quite the controversy in men's fashion land.

It takes a very secure man to pull off this seemingly awkward length pant and I love that we spotted this Fashionisto confident enough with his masculinity to pull it off. A couple key things to note with his capri choice: opting for a lighter material pant in a neutral color like army green really adds value to a look. Heavy denim is a major no-no for capri wearers and this Fashionisto nailed that simple rule down. Also, he intermixed a pair of high-top sneakers into his look to emphasis his more manly side with this somewhat more feminine silhouette pant. And he went geek chic with his glasses to throw us all in a fashion loop.

There is nothing like a hipster meets metrosexual meets streetwear thug loving Fashionisto. And, even better, you can always find it all here on CollegeFashionista! Happy Tuesday!

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