Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

We all have either a brother, boyfriend, or guy friend who is freakishly attached to their sandals. It doesn't matter if it's 20 degrees or 110 degrees out they are donning their sandals without a care in the world. As females and usually more savvy fashion wearers (sorry guys), we can never understand why a guy would want to wear this open footwear every single day.

Thankfully the season has changed where sporting your favorite sandal is finally appropriate. Today's Fashionisto enjoys this season in his classic camel sandals with a tapered pair of denim. Now the question arises: can you wear your casual sandals with a suit? For those of you Fashionistos interning at corporate offices such as Goldman Sachs or other Wall Street firms, I can confidently say no. That will quickly land you out the door and on your tush. But for those of you taking a more informal route such as an intern at an art gallery or publication then wearing sandals and a suit might just work. Use your best judgment on this one!

And regardless of what occasion you are wearing your sandals, one thing is for sure- treat yourself to a pedicure. We know your feet need a little TLC after a long school year.

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