Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

There is something refreshingly proper about a collared shirt buttoned straight up to the very top. This sophisticated way of wearing a shirt, in a casual setting, is something that I have grown quite fond of. Today's trendsetter showed us how a little trick, like buttoning your shirt to the top, can bring an interesting look to an outfit that doesn’t take that much innovation.

This Fashionisto clung to his worn in black denim with a basic denim shirt. Steering away from blue on blue denim, he showed us just how much you can make a color pop when placing it against black. In the past we saw denim on denim worn in a rugged manner; but today's fella offers a take on wearing this trend in a clean, polished manner. Not letting his comfort slip away he hit the streets in beat up sneakers that visibly have been given a lot of love. 

So, my advice for Fashionistos and Fashionistas this week is to button your shirt to the top. This polished look will definitely catch the eyes of the passerby.

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