Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

A major debate that tends to come up in fashion is the issue of things being too "matchy-matchy." For instance, a camel colored shoe with an identical camel handbag or a navy jacket with navy pants. Some argue that this look is predictable while others view the look in a more positive light. My personal view changes seasonally and, with the surge of matching pieces on the runway, I am leaning more towards the liking of matching pieces within in an outfit.

Today's Fashionisto is also clearly a fan of matching pieces as seen in his ensemble choice. He wore a crisp gray blazer with an almost identical shade shoe. The combination of these two elements matching is what attracted me to his look.

So ladies, next time your boyfriend is wearing too many matching elements, give him a break. The matchy-matchy look is actually quite in for the moment.

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