Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

When I think of Top-Sider shoes three images come into mind: frat boys, chugging beers, Bloomington boat parties. I'm not sure if it's because of my experience at Indiana University or if this shoe tends to attract a certain type of wearer. Regardless, I have freed my mind of putting generalizations on top-sider wearers when I spotted today's hip Fashionisto. He was a far cry from a frat bro' and gave me reassurance that these shoes can actually be worn in a trendy manner. No harm to all those guys in frats rocking their Greek letters with these somewhat staple shoes on, but it's refreshing to know that other individuals can make this comfortable, Top-Sider footwear work.

This footwear recently has had a major rebirth on the fashion market (even Band of Outsiders jumped on board) creating a plethora of variations.  

Hint: For those of you heading to the beach July 4th weekend, grab your Top-Sider shoes, throw on your swimsuit and kick it on the shore. These shoes can be your replacement for sandals when hanging in the sand! Check out this Georgetown Fashionisto wearing his top-sider shoes! 

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