Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

For most of us summertime means a break from classes and general freedom from any structure at all. For those unlucky Fashionistas/os who have summer school, this usually carefree season can turn into quite a different experience.

Today's Fashionisto was spotted outside his class proving that fun fashion can play into making your summer school experience slightly better. Yes, you are still stuck inside a classroom while your friends at tanning poolside; but approaching your reality positively is highly rewarding. Today's trendsetters shorts were the alluring factor of his hipster style. Made by his very own designing girlfriend (lucky dude) he showed me just how well constructed this garment truly is. His geometric shaped shirt clashed effortlessly with his plaid short shorts, playing into the mixology trend that us Fashionistas have been donning for many seasons now. His red lined Vans were a clever alteration to the traditional white slides we have all seen time and time again. To cap off his look he threw on a grandpa sweater that almost hit the bottom of his shorts.

This Fashionisto showed us that summer school can be fascinating by putting the slightest thought into making your outfit noteworthy. And when that test score doesn't turn out to be the perfect A+, your outfit's accomplishments and praise will be more then enough.

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