Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

A common look seen around campus for guys is wearing a standard hoodie with jeans. Practical and easy, I am completely on board with wearing this look from time to time. However, today’s Fashionisto took wearing a basic hoody up one notch and instantly transformed from ordinary to awesome. The techniques used by today’s Fashionisto is layering as well as mixing and matching. Rather then wearing a plain white T-shirt under his hoodie, he wore a denim shirt. To take his look further he paired a lightweight peacoat over his denim shirt and hoody combination. To top of his look he threw on black denim pants, which is a great alternative to blue.

Hint: If you were into the denim shirt trend from last season you should already own this classic piece. Throwing it under a hoodie or even under a flannel shirt gives you a different more textured appearance.

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