Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

Every now and then I will catch a Fashionisto brave enough to don accessories. Last month, I spotlighted a fashion savvy male wearing an über cool bowler hat. A couple weeks ago, I focused on a Fashionisto wearing a leopard bag. And today's feature is about this dapper male making a nod to one of my favorite unisex accessories: the beanie.

He mastered the art of mixing a tailored toggle jacket with this relaxed, casual head accessory. Perfect for a bad hair day and early morning class, this easy-to-wear accessory is one item definitely worth purchasing in this season. An even bigger plus- a beanie is a very “it” accessory that doesn’t break your college student budget.

Props to today's featured Fashionisto who went one step further and wore his beanie in red. If only every Fashionisto were quite as chic as this gentleman!

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