Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

ZZ Top had it right when he said, “Every girls crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.” Today's Fashionisto nailed it in his green blazer and yellow tie combination. Steering away from the casual gear that all you CollegeFashionistos tend to wear, this Fashionisto dressed like a "grown-up" while trekking around town.

A couple weeks back, WSJ featured an article about menswear designers and art of creating clothes that resemble the classics of the past but with a modern twist. The article also touched upon men being nervous to be labeled "fashionable."

Today's Fashionisto's look drew me back to that article and the discussion of men, particularly young men, taking pride in their clothing. Being labeled “fashionable” or “trendsetting” should not be a fear Fashionistos, but a title you are striving for. While college, at times, seems like it never will end, the truth is it eventually will and your style of basketball shorts and tees will no longer be acceptable in the real world. Rather then waiting to develop your wardrobe post-grad, why not can begin now?

For example, today's Fashionsto's tie is really what warranted his look as "fashion forward". He went from an ordinary look to polished and cool with that added accessory. And I can guarantee you have a tie sitting in your closet right now. While typically you save this accessory for an internship interview or for a fraternity formal, wearing it during the day to class is highly encouraged.

I am not saying wear a suit to class everyday and would never expect that but taking bits and pieces from your investment suit (if you don't have one, INVEST now) can give you that competitive fashion advantage over others. Use today's Fashionisto as a style icon to interrupt your own savvy, "grown-up" look. And trust me, ladies dig a sharp dressed man.

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