Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

Fashionistas have been flaunting their socks for the past couple of seasons and it's finally time for Fashionistos to pick up on this sensible trend. Springtime weather means rain, rain and more rain. Today's Fashionisto got grounded with his boot-sock combination. The additional warmth a chunky pair of socks brings is undeniable; not to mention it falls in line with one of fashion's biggest trends.

We use to complain when our Dad would wear socks and shoes but he might have just been an early adapter to this booming epidemic. Kudos, Dad!

This Fashionisto brought color to his rather blue outfit with the accent of his red socks and matching handkerchief; which, oddly enough, is another fine accessory commonly worn by our Dads. It looks like here's to the fathers who we are admittedly too critical when it comes to their fashion choices. They have dictated today's leading trends and always seem to be right! Father sure knows best.

Hint: One of our favorite shopping sites just got that much better with a male component. Mr Porter!! Leave it to this well-edited site to have the best socks this season. 

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