Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

The color game. We all seem to be playing it this season and if you know anything about boys, it is they tend to quickly follow us ladies when it comes to making a statement. We proved how cool skinny jeans were and, shortly thereafter, boys were lining up to squeeze themselves in the tightest pairs they could find. Now it's all about color. Boys dissed on it, swore they'd never wear it, and now, you can't walk down a street without seeing a confident guy wearing pink.

Let's look at today's Fashionisto, who hit the streets running in a rainbow of color. Not just one color; but literally every color imaginable. He subdued his color overdose by wearing a muted puffy vest that allowed him to still show his "manliness."

This Fashionisto really rose to challenge and it looks like the ball is in our court Fashionistas to shine even brighter.

Hint: Fashion is like a relationship. There are some absolutely great decisions and some ones that leave you heartbroken. Make the right decision this season by bringing color into your wardrobe. Here are some cool color pieces by Band of Outsiders and Jil Sander that will not leave you crying on the floor.

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