Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

Warm weather is here and shedding layers never seemed so enjoyable. It's always refreshing when your favorite knit sweater is finally appropriate to wear as a coat.

Today's Fashionisto dictates the ideal outfit of a CollegeFashionisto on a random school day. He has turned towards all things basic: a flannel, gray V-neck, hoodie, sweater to create his look. With the weather being unpredictable, it's best to layer for your jaunt around campus.

Today's Fashionisto clearly wasn't wearing anything too innovative and avante garde. However, the way he composed himself in a sleek manner was definitely something worth noting. We often give CollegeFashionistos a bad rap for their limited knowledge of fashion and down right disregard for style. But every Tuesday we prove that theory wrong and show just how fashion conscious male students can be.

Copy today's Fashionisto's easy steps to fashion success. Our favorites for a flannel are Levi's workshirts, T by Alexander Wang for basic T-shirts, and Alternative Apparel is a must for hoodies and vintage for a cardigan.

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