Let’s hear it for the BOYS..

Some Fashionistas prefer the short hair, cleaned cut look on their beau. I am definitely the opposite and am highly attracted to those Fashionistos who use the power of their mane. Just as much as us Fashionistas love playing with our hair and the feeling of wrapping our fingers around each strand…SO DO FASHIONISTOS. This one below in particular has a thing for hair and his puffed hair-do is quite the attention grabber. He is not shy about covering up his hair with a hat on a bad day, the ‘messier the better’ is his motto.

Hint: Fashionistos, you frequently cheap out for the $5 hair cut at whatever random barber you come across. While I get it, you want to conserve money, spending the extra ten minutes to ask your lady friends for suggestions on a hair stylist might not be the worst idea. And product is a MUST. Try Paul Mitchell shaping cream!

Style On,


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