Let’s Hear It For The BOYS

Jorts. While usually associated with Nascar or back woods boys, jean shorts have slowly but surely made their way to mainstream America. Denim is classic Americana and too often jean shorts get a bad rap. However, jorts are not only fashionable but acceptable in a lot of situations College Fashionistos may find themselves in this summer. Whether your taking in the songs of your favorite artist or jamming out with your friends to the sounds of your own music, jean shorts are an edgy and cool (no pun intended) choice. 

Hint: DIY-Take a pair of old Levis and mark with a sharpie right above the knee. SImply take a pair of scissors, cut off at the line and then toss the jorts into the wash. This will give the jean shorts a distressed frayed look at the bottom and save you the cost of purchasing a new pair of summer shorts. To take this look one step further, like our Fashionisto today, rip a hole randomly throughout your jorts for a more grungy style.

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