Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

As a self-diagnosed and confessed shoe-aholic there is nothing I fancy more then a man with a great pair of shoes. In college, it's just natural that most Fashionistos wear their limited addition Nikes or worn in Chucks, but on that rare occasion, and I mean rare, I will find a male who also shares my similar love for shoes. Today's Fashionisto charmed me with his six dollar vintage loafers. Yes, you read that right- SIX DOLLARS. For that price, Fashionistos, there is no excuse not to grab a pair. They are that perfect shoe to wear when wanting to take your school outfit up a notch. While back to school shopping with your Mom (since we all know that's what boys do) surprise her with your interest in a dapper pair of loafers and maybe you will be as lucky as today's Fashionisto to snag a pair for six bucks

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