Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

Today's 'Let's Hear it for the Boys' features is by far one of my favorites. This hipster Fashionisto owned his style wearing elements that to some might seem feminine, but to his petite frame worked well. The component of his outfit which stood out to me where his shoes which appear to be painted, dirty and written all over. His shoes immediately took me back to the days of boredom in grade school when doodling on my hand and shoes was the only thing that got me through history lectures. Probably should have been listening but that inner artist in me needed to be expressed.

So if you just can't focus in your Tuesday 8am class, take to your shoes. While you might not score an A+ on that quiz you will surely walk out of class with a unique set of sneakers. 

Hint: Even Keds is showing their own version of the popular Chukka boot. Try getting rid of the strack white factor of these shoes, go get dirty and doodle. Follow today's Fashionisto and your bound to be deemed cool. 

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