Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

Last week I focused on men's footwear and the artistic Fashionisto who inspired me to started doodling once again on my shoes. While I hate to obsess over men's shoes two weeks in a row, I feel it's necessary to spotlight the Chukka Boot which is definitely the one shoe every CollegeFashionisto should own this fall. The practicality of it is really what entices me and the Fashionistos I have chatted with who own a pair couldn't agree more.

As seen on today's Fashionisto, a Chukka Boot can be worn will riding your bike through the quad or worn will trying to pick up ladies on a Thursday night at the bars. It's versatile, can be found inexpensively and it's a change from the ugly sneakers that you all tend to wear too much (no offense).

My top picks for the Chukka Boot this fall are Cole Haan Paul Chukka,  Vane by Sebago 'Beacon' Chukka Boot, John Varvatos 'Hipster' Chukka Boot

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