Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

Fashionable sweats? Do those two words really work together? When you think of college and the grueling hours of studying for midterms, wearing sweats just seems like the right option. And yes, usually sweats are pulled from the bottom of your hamper and are associated with a general sense of disarray but lately that has changed. Alexander Wang's T by Alexander Wang's current collection for men showcases none other then hoodies, sweats, and comfortable T-shirts in a fashion savvy way. Wang made a statement with his collection that it's okay to let loose sometimes and wear basics such as sweats. It doesn't deem you "unfashionable" and, if you wear it the right way, you may actually be in vogue.

Today's Fashionisto took a tip from Wang's S/S 2010 collection and paraded around campus in his casual basics.

Hint: This look is especially ideal for those of you Fashionisto's who live in athletic wear. Why not take it up a notch and live in the softness of a collection like Wang's that allows you to to be comfortable but a more of a fashion forward way. For a cheaper, you can always count on Topman

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