Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

The thing I love about photographing people around campuses is that I never know who I am going to stumble upon. I know I can speak on behalf of all my Style Gurus that once you begin taking street style photographs of people, it begins to become a mad hunt/fascinating game to find someone outrageous and truly spectacular to photograph. I find myself subconsciously staring at people on a regular basis, dissecting the elements of their outfit and wondering whether I should photograph them or not.

It's people like today's Fashionisto who make me love being a street style blogger. I love everything about today's Fashionisto and applaud his choice to kick back in an outfit that clearly explains what he is all about. I couldn't wait to share this photo with all of you readers to stimulate your concept on fur for fall and more importantly fur for guys.

Forget the dos and don't of fashion, Fashionistos. Anything goes here at CollegeFashionista, so join the fun.

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