Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

My Tuesday “Let's Hear it for the BOYS” column is usually is geared towards those fellas looking to make a statement and pulling of a fashion dare. I feel I have totally disregarded those Fashionistos who carry their own sense of style in a more conservative, traditional manner. For example, today's Fashionisto wasn't wearing anything avante garde but looked CollegeFashionista worthy to photograph. He choose a classic button down striped shirt, that almost every guy owns in his closet, with a loose fitting pair of medium wash denim. Simple, easy and not to hard to emulate with your own wardrobe, Fashionistos,

What is the take home point from this feature? You may not think your standard button down shirt is "fashion forward" but it's a step in the right direction to classic look. Hey, at least you didn't roll out of bed in pajamas. That's worth noting-right ladies?!

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