Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

The scarf. It's been discussed time and time again on CollegeFashionista. This Cornell University Fashionista took a layered approach to her look to keep warm through the use of a scarf, while this Indiana University Fashionista used a scarf as a accessory around her neck. The adaptability of a scarf is what makes it hold longevity in your closet because there are infinite amount of ways to utilize scarves in your daily wardrobe.

Today's Fashionisto melted my heart with his polka dot brown and tan scarf. I might be biased because this handsome Fashionisto happens to be a good friend but good friends make the best inspiration, right?! He threw on his scarf not to keep him warm (it was 75 plus this day) but more as a way to make a statement and accessorize his classic black pea coat.

Make scarves your own this week whether you are in chilly Bloomington, Indiana needing to keep warm on a walk down 3rd street or you’re looking for a little pick me up to a basic outfit while studying with friends in the quad in Tucson, Arizona. It's one trend that truly transitions across every campus.

Hint: Fashionistos you have seen the snood worn on your lady friends so why not try this trend for yourself? A couple of my favorites are this one from TOPMAN or this cable snood from ASOS

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