Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

We all own a pair of ripped jeans, whether they were bought with those holes or turned that way after excessive wear. They sit in our closet for days when dressing “sloppy-chic” is super necessary. Today's Fashionisto took a twist on the ripped clothing look by wearing a tattered shirt rather then going with the expected tattered denim. He dabbles in the grunge movement and pays homage to 80s fashion through his unkempt look. Not taking this fashion statement too literally, he kept the rest of his outfit well fitted and conservative.

Hint: Can’t live without your favorite shirt that’s been loved to shreds? No need to toss it out for good. Thrown on a tank top underneath for a layered grunge look or, if you feel like showing a little skin, let your flesh shine through the ripped holes.


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