Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

While Shia LaBeouf may have stated on Style.com that "Suspenders are out; socks are out," today's Fashionisto proved LaBeouf wrong by looking super fashionable while wearing both suspenders and socks. This Fashionisto went for a grunge meets tailored look by combining his cuffed skinny jeans and scruffy-haired face with fitted pieces, such as a quarter-length sleeve top and classic suspenders.

The suspenders didn't act as a belt to ensemble (he had one of those on also) but stood as a tailoring piece to draw attention to his slender body and add an element of interest to a rather simple look.

To finish off his outfit, he created contrast between the bottom hem of his pants and shoes with a warm beige pair of socks. Socks are a familiar friend to college students this semester, so, sorry LaBeouf, they aren't out just yet.

Hint: Looking for a stellar pair of chunky wool socks to wear with your favorite loafers? I love these marbled Gap pair that are too cozy to pass up.


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