Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

Trench coats are nothing new on the pages of CollegeFashionista. No matter what season, climate or trend is happening at the moment, a trench coat is inevitably in style. It's the sensibility of this jacket that makes its longevity surpass that of most outerwear pieces- not to mention it's been around for over a hundred years thanks to Thomas Burberry. The unisex characteristics of this piece make it feasible for almost anyone imaginable to wear. And what makes me attached to my Alexander Wang for Gap trench coat is the immediate poise I feel when throwing it over an ordinary outfit.

Today's Fashionisto emulates how this tasteful piece can even make a college student looked polished. When you are running around campus trying not to be late for a final, fashion sometimes gets thrown out the door. This piece can take you from the classroom to a professional setting never letting the stress of your schedule overthrow your ensemble. 

Just like you strategize your schoolwork, my advice this week for Fashionistos and Fashionistas alike is to strategize your wardrobe. Purchase pieces such as a staple trench coat that will allow you to make an impulse morning wardrobe decision without regret.

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