Let’s hear it for the BOYS…

In you are a girl and you love fashion, chances are the sight of a Christian Louboutin makes you melt. When out shopping with your friends it is nearly impossible to walk pass the shoe department and not want to touch everything. Even the smell of fresh leather makes you happy. The best way I can compare this feeling for a male, besides from the obvious: sports, sex and food, would be the way a Fashionisto feels about limited edition sneakers. The crazy colors they come in might be hideous to us Fashionistas, but the rarer the “cooler” they are for males. The Fashionisto was wearing some pretty kick ass sneakers if I do say so myself. His limited edition Vans are hard to come across and he executed the sneakers anomaly with a miss matched color watch, hat and glasses.

Hint: Want to copy our Fashionisto? Here are some boutiques that carry an array of exotic sneakers.

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