Whether it be a great bag or pair of shoes, I can't even begin to tell you how often I find myself envious of many of the Fashionistas who grace the pages of CollegeFashionista. However, when I came across this Fashionisto, all I could find myself saying is: “I want that scarf!”

Fashionistos tend to shy away from bold accessories. This Fashionisto was not timid when he opted for this oversized, braided scarf. Not only will it keep him warm during the colder weather, but it will definitely grab the attention of every passerby. As an extra bonus, the gold buttons of his peacoat pick up the same hue of the yarn. By keeping the rest of his look rather muted in color, it really allows for this fabulous accessory to pop.

Luckily, human decency and a little thing known as the legal system stopped me short of ripping his eye catching scarf right off of him. So instead, I will just sit back and continue to admire this amazing Fashionisto from the pages of CollegeFashionista. This week Fashionistos, make every guy and girl envious of your fashion choices.

Lust worthy, budget friendly

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