While we always encourage individuality when it comes to dressing, there are some staples that every CollegeFashionista or Fashionisto own (or at least they should!). This Fashionisto’s ensemble literally touches on all those “must haves” I would recommend for any fella’s college wardrobe.

It might come as a surprise when I say that flannels are a really transformative piece; but trust me, they are. Whether worn over a T-shirt to a tailgate or thrown under a sweater when heading to class, a flannel can be paired with just about anything to add some color and extra warmth.

I also can’t stress the importance of a great pair of denim. Like the transformative nature of a flannel, denim can be paired with a sweater, blazer, or even a hoodie for three totally different looks.

And while Fashionistos tend to overlook accessories, this Fashionisto’s are spot on. Between his desert boots, carryall, and bold glasses, this Fashionisto highlights three essential accessories that every guy should have.

This week, Fashionistos, go through your closet and take an inventory. If you are missing any of my “must have” items, I think its time for a trip to your favorite local boutique or vintage store to stock up.

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