A fun little game I like to play is when I see someone listening to their iPod, I try to imagine what they are listening to. Is he having a personal rave while listening to Tiesto's “Dance 4 Life”? Is he spitting rhymes with Yeezy and Jay while listening to “Watch the Throne”? Or is he secretly blasting Katy Perry's “Peacock” while secretly wishing he was at a dance party? 

When I spotted this Fashionisto, I had to cut my imagination short as I was quickly distracted by this fella's peacoat. Peacoats should be a staple of any Fashionistos closet. They are a classic investment piece that looking sharp layered over a suit and put together while heading to class in casual wear like this Fashionisto. The navy of this Fashionisto's peacoat is a great alternative to black or camel.

Don't have a peacoat yet, Fashionistos. Be sure to get one before the cooler weather takes a turn for the worse. It will keep you warm while heading to class and listening to your favorite tunes. I want to see your peacoat!

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