When I came across this Fashionisto, I thought to myself, “Wow! What a stud!” While his looks were definitely stud worthy (hello side swiped hair), the studs I was referring to were located on his backpack.

Fashionistas have been rocking spikes and studs for seasons now. From several iconic Lady Gaga looks to the hardware on lust worthy Alexander Wang bags, spikes seem to be this generation's go-to embellishment.  Like most trends, fellas have been weary to adopt such a brazen look. However, this Fashionisto is fearless with his spike-embellished bag. We're not talking a few little spikes here and there. The size of his spikes had an almost cartoon quality to them that made them bold yet playful at the same time. Bravo!

While many of you might not be as daring as this Fashionisto, don't be afraid to embrace the spike. Try an accessory, like a bracelet or sneakers, embellished in little spikes and work from there.  Trust me, you will look like one big stud!

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