My lack of knowledge of sports is somewhat embarrassing. Growing up I was never the althetic type (the uniforms really clashed with my sense of style). My inability on the court further progressed into me being completely disaffiliated with sports as a whole. 

But today is never too late to learn. With Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner, I feel inclined to put a little more effort to learn about sports and the culture that surrounds it. Today's Fashionisto's hat played into my inspiration for this new found me. It was very Nascar meets 1986 Chicago Bears, which sounds horrific but actually results in a totally chic and unique accessory. I always support going vintage and sports paraphernalia is no exception. What's better than a Lakers jersey? A vintage Lakers jersey. Vintage sports gear allows you to show support for your favorite team while not losing yourself in the crowd.

Whether you are cheering on the New York Giants or the New England Patriots find time to plan the perfect outfit. Try eBay or your local thrift store to find something unique to sport come Super Bowl Sunday. 

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