Fashionistas have been loving pockets for seasons now. Pockets in jackets, skirts, dresses, formal gowns. You name it, designers have found a place to stick a pocket there as if we are walking storage bins. It's hard to think back to a time where pockets were just for shirts.

This Fashionisto brings us back to those simpler times. However, his pocket is anything but simple. In fact, this Fashionisto makes his pocket the focal point of his ensemble. By keeping the rest of his ensemble simple, crisp, and, might I note, perfectly tailored, this tiny detail packs a lot of punch. I was impressed by the bold pattern his pocket. Stripes (so on trend). And Ikat (so on trend). Neon (so, so on trend). 

Don't take your pocket for granted. Take the advice of this Fashionisto and let the little detail make a major fashion statement. 

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