A day in the life of a Fashionisto. Wake up. Hit the gym (if you don't snooze through it). Take the train to your internship. Grab coffee for your team. Run around after your supervisor. Try to impress the higher ups. Leave the office late. Meet friends for dinner. Finish some homework for your summer class. And hit the hay before having to do all over again tomorrow. It's busy and exhausting.

But it's important not to let your wardrobe reflect the chaos in your life. Especially in the summer heat, it's hard not to look sweaty and dishelved when running from task to task. When I came across this Fashionisto, I was impressed how polished he looked despite having to run an errand for his boss. His secret: linen. Linen is the perfect summer fabric because it is cool to the touch and stays fresh despite the humidity and heat. This Fashionisto's short sleeve option is a great casual office look when paired with his darker slacks and desert boots. For the weekend, try a more casual style paired with patterned shorts and boat shoes.

Staying calm under pressure is a key to success to surviving a stressful summer. Another key? Dressing the part. Stay cool, calm, and collected by opting for linen this summer when dressing for the weather.


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