Let’s hear it for the BOYS…

Not all boys like the glitz and glam of the fashion world, actually most males don’t. It’s interesting how boyfriends/brothers will partake in Fashionistas shopping trips watching us try on our designer shoes and gawk at the latest handbags, but they refuse to try on a single thing for themselves. Spending $195 on a shirt is outrageous for a majority of College Fashionistos and honestly the word “Burberry” might not even ring a bell to some. Our Fashionisto below took the plunge and invested in his style, went shopping for himself and showed class with his traditional Burberry shirt. I even like how the white lining of his loafers match the detailing of his top. Nice work.

Hint: Yes, this shirt is pricey but I can promise it won’t go out of style. Even after the days of college pass by, this piece will not disappear. Place a suit jacket over a Burberry shirt for a job interview and your set!

Style On,


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