LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Ain’t Your Grandma’s Sweater

When you think chic and stylish, no one really thinks of hand-me-downs. I’m sorry if I have offended any avid hand-me-downers, but do not worry: I am here to bring your side some justice because old is, in fact, in. The hand-me-down kitschy-looking sweater is on the rise from the runway to the streets. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “But I thought only hipsters, cat ladies and Bill Cosby wear those sweaters.” Well I am here to tell you that rocking the vintage sweater is stylishly acceptable and the cat lady next door might have you running for your money.

From brands like GANT, YMC and Ralph Lauren, this supposed hipster look is becoming a mainstream style. In particular, the fair isle print is arising as a staple in fall fashion from socks to outerwear.

This dapper dude is a testament to how stylish this look can be. His vintage inspired teal and maroon checkered sweater will have you running to the nearest thrift store in town. The matching of his khaki trousers to the tan undertones in his sweater pull together the look impeccably, and as a final touch, the addition of a cuff to his khakis finishes off the look with effortless style.

This look does not have to be just for your daytime stroll. If you ever want to dress this look up for night just add a collared shirt and you’ll be stylin’ in no time.

Let me tell you, this ain’t your grandma’s sweater — well, maybe it is, but you probably look cuter. Fashion these days is a lot about paying tribute to the past. But at least we aren’t back to scrunchies and ponchos.


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