The '50s were marked by several tribes: the rockers, the teddys boys, the beats, etc.. Rebels and revolutionaries, they influenced not only the ideals, but the whole fashion of the decade. Today, we see all this influence when we look at people on the street and recognize a little James Dean or Marlon Brando influence.

This Fashionisto knows how to blend so harmoniously betweeen the whole culture of that decade and a modern look. The jeans, a hallmark of many rebels without a cause, is a piece created for the workers; but they gained worldwide popularity through the films and became more than mandatory in all closets — a piece that can be used both as casually or socially. For a totally different look, you just need to replace the sweatshirt for a jacket.

In addition, we see a boot that remind us of the famous creepers worn by fancy teddy boys. Closing the look we have two pieces that become the whole outfit. First, there is a shirt with rolled up sleeves and different cuttings and patterns, making the look more fun. Second, the brown leather belt with details in beige adds another dimension to the basic jeans.

Hint: The interesting twist is not to copy the looks from past decades that marked the fashion world, but to know how to take all the inspiration from them. This way you can be authentic and will be able to create new things. Remember (not only in fashion) never to copy — always be creative and show to the world what you have to bring.

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