Basic days inspire basic outfits. This smart Fashionisto wears a simple outfit and looks great in it. His solid henley is both stylish and functional for this fall season. The most important point to note is that basics are called “basic” because they're timeless classics, not because they lack style.

Fashionistos all over the country are emulated because of their fashion-forward style. This Fashionisto shows that seemingly everyday wear is still worthy of conversation. Most men do wear very basic and solid colors, but it's this Fashionisto’s consistency that's most intriguing. His solid henley expresses his solid jeans and shoes. It takes a true Fashionisto to know that less is more and that loud prints can become a big problem.

This Fashionisto wears his henley conservatively. The most functional part of henleys is that they can serve as an open V-neck or, when buttoned all the way up, looks like a crew neck. While henleys are most known as simple pieces, many retailers have recently gotten pretty creative. Express yourself by purchasing a fun henley this season. Also, if you're feeling creative there are many DIY videos online that explain how to sew elbow patches to effectively add a bit of personality to your henley, which greatly accent a solid color.

Hint: Henleys are made using both thin and thick fabrics. Regardless, pick a henley that is form fitting and it will go with your wardrobe. 

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