There are quite a few people on campus who chose to dress themselves in a preppier style: boat shoes, stripes, light, under-bearing colors. Although not my personal manner of dress, the style can be fun to make references to with blazers, cardigans and knee-high socks. I liked how this Fashionisto went for the prep look but his color choice and accessories allow him to appear casual and approachable. 

The prep style of dress is not always conducive to a casual style, it can often look contrived and lacking in originality. The navy blue that follows through throughout this week's Fashionisto's outfit brings all of the pieces together. By choosing not to wear pastels and sticking to dark colors, contrasted with the grey of his cardigan and lighter blue of his button-down, the style is fresher, a more modern take. The fit is also very important in how a look will come off. All of his pieces a loose and free.

I very much enjoyed the hipster touches her added as well with his Ray-Ban sunglasses and navy blue beanie. The accessories further modernize the prep look and allows his outfit to be more approachable. He manages to balance well new-age prep styles with classic preparatory school elements. Speaking of hipster hats, theres no better place to look than Urban Outfitters. Their array of beanies will make you want more than one. 

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