Walking across campus, I am often still surprised by the things I find and see. Richmond is unlike any other city; it combines the artsy hipster kids with serious engineers, preppy jocks and pretty much any different social group one can think of to create a whimsical assortment. This city explodes in creativity and self-expression and that is why this Fashionisto represents Richmond so well.

First off, I hardly ever see guys wearing prints except for the unfortunate Hawaiian shirt or the overdone gingham sweater. Prints are fun and playful but mostly they are bold. This Fashionisto truly made a statement with his printed Indian pants and his V-neck cut shirt from Africa. As I always say, fashion is a way to express yourself and it can be an amazing conversation starter. Just the other day I had a long conversation started with a stranger over one of my outrageous rings that I inherited from my grandmother. This Fashionisto spent time in India and came back a changed man. Color is lacking in the west and something needs to be done about it. After seeing a country filled with bursts of colors, this impulsive young man decided he was going to start a color revolution, and that he did. Ethnic clothing is a thing of beauty. Not only is it a statement of a whole culture, but it also tells a story of travel and to a lot of us, the unknown. Try grabbing one piece of traditional clothing wherever you go to make memories of travels and fashion statements. Take vacation souvenirs and put them on your back.

If you are not fortunate enough to travel, visit other cultures through their clothing. Check out these African Etsy shirts or these beautiful Indian Kurta’s. With the combination of blue and purple prints and a beard that states he is wise beyond his years, this Fashionisto truly gave me the itch to travel more.

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