Knowing how to choose clothes day after day may seem easy, but without the necessary care a person may convey the wrong idea, exaggerating or leaving the look very simple.

This week, I chose this look because it exemplifies the ideal outfit for the everyday life of a São Paulo college student boy who lives and works in a city where everything is as chaotic as its weather and streets. The light gray sweatshirt is a basic piece in everybody's closet. It is picked up from sportswear clothes, which brings more comfort to the heavy routine of many people. The denim shirt under the sweatshirt strips the air of sport from the outfit.

The red jeans shorts are my favorite part of the whole look. Basic and cheerful, it gives a “lifted” feeling to the look. Matching are his red loafer shoes, another piece that you must have in many colors and styles inside the wardrobe.

Finally, we have the bag with green details, a great partner for any time. It can be used either in the city or on the beach or in the field. Beyond that, you can find it in many materials and colors, and it is really practical to carry around college or work materials. However, it is a piece to wear during the day, at night it is good to leave it at home resting for the next day.

Choosing clothes for a normal day at work or college is sometimes more complicated than choosing clothes to wear at night. The secret is to have basic pieces in the wardrobe and to learn how to mix them with different pieces. Certainly, always follow your style and you will never be wrong.

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