LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Black on Black Beau

All-black ensembles, which have been endorsed by the likes of rapper Jay-Z (“All black everything”) and Kanye West (Black on black on black”) alike, both in their lyrics and in their personal fashion choices, have always been a safe choice. They provide effortless simplicity, and can be instantly slimming with the appropriate fit.

Today’s fashionably-endowed feature pulled off an all-black ensemble that was truly well orchestrated. On top, this Fashionisto wore a black, full-sleeved Henley shirt by the T by Alexander Wang collection, and at the bottom, he wore a pair of black fitted sweatpants by Acne. His John Summer Sweats were the perfect balance of style and comfort.

What particularly attracted me to this Fashionisto were his black leather gladiator sandals, courtesy of Balenciaga. Apart from the runway, I had never had the opportunity of seeing gladiator sandals worn by men, thus this encounter was rather refreshing. Shoes really make an all-black ensemble; while patent wing tips and moccasins can elicit a more formal look, canvas sneakers and sandals present a more casual look. This Fashionisto’s choice of gladiator shoes exhibited a laid-back and easy-going attitude that was reflective of the pleasant weather we experienced on this particular day.

This Fashionisto’s accessories were less than subtle. He paid homage to Balenciaga once more with a leather wrap bracelet in the collection, along with a silver Christian Dior watch and a Scarab ring by David Yurman. These accessories were the perfect finish to a simple and avant-garde ensemble!

Hint: In my opinion there are five colors that can be worn exclusively in an outfit: navy blue, gray, red, white and black. Wearing any other colors can run the risk of looking like one of the Fruit of the Loom characters—which can look like a horrific mess outside of Halloween season. For a similar look, start out with a black V-neck shirt layered with a black leather jacket. Pair this with black fitted sweats and black sandals, TOMS, or canvas sneakers. Accessorize with some statement jewelry pieces; a black beanie and sunglasses are optional. Voila – an all-black ensemble that is sure to turn heads!

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