How do you translate boho-chic to the male aesthetic without looking like a hipster? The dirty word that’s become a staple in urban culture, hipsterism, is one of those trends the fashion purists wish would run down the drain as easily as a bottle of some obscure microbrewer’s ale. But until then, we pray for the diamonds in the rough, and sure as shooting, they do emerge.

More of a reassembled Mr. Rogers than a Devendra Banhart progeny, this week’s Fashionisto serves up every flavor of umber in all the textiles we love. Remember, the only way to get away with a monochromatic palette is to vary textures and patterns.

Today’s subject does just that. The earthy herringbone trench elongates the look and offers all the same advantages of a blazer or sports jacket. Sure, some people may try to hire you to find their lost ironic cat sweater or discover who drank the last case of PBR, but did film noir ever go out of style? Don’t answer that question.

Unless you’re on a golf course, argyle is still cool. Show me a man who wears argyle socks, and I’ll show you a man who is making upstanding life choices. The argyle sweater is a basic article every Fashionisto should have to W.A.S.P” up his chambrays, ginghams, or even wear stag like our subject. Paired with the top is a great pair of maroon corduroys. The secret to keeping corduroys current is to wear a pair with thin wales (the ridges ingrained in the fabric). Maroon is a great color for Fashionistos who don’t want to give in to the preppy Nantucket scarlet slacks but still want to hold on to fun colorful pants for a rainy day. 

This Fashionisto completes his outfit with a standard pair of canvas Sperry’s and a funky mauve pleather book bag that is less campy than it sounds, I promise. Items like these really add to the character of an outfit which truly speaks to the hipster appeal. It’s the equivalent of stating, “Hey, I may or may not be toting a bilingual backpack that helps me on adventures.” Hipsterism is about tongue-in-cheek fashion that is inarguably and starkly attractive. It’s like watching a Lana Del Rey music video and finally understanding what it means to be a poor little rich girl who watches Lana Del Rey music videos. But remember, the number one rule of being hipster is to not talk about being hipster. 

Hint: First of all, if you really want to recreate this look, don’t go any farther than designer brand Salvation Armani. But if you’re like me, and think old clothes have bad karma in the stitches, here’s a cheat sheet. Herringbone coats are easy to find and come in all different colors. The same goes for argyle sweaters like this one from Banana Republic (and go merino wool, or go home). Also this pair of burnt umber cords by Allsaints Spitalfields are to die for. Happy thrifting!

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